Creative + Collaborative

Welcome. Glad you’re here.

I mostly work with professional service providers – doctors, therapists, trainers, and consultants. There are also a few artists and small business owners in the mix.

My specialty is collaborative editing and design, working side-by-side (or online/on the phone) with clients to fine-tune their content so it conveys clearly what they are trying to say. The final result could end up as content for a new website, in a book or magazine, or as content for a new class. You see, I’ve been working in the communication arts in one form or another my entire life. I love good design, a beautiful turn of phrase, and the delicious interface of form and function. I’m my best self in creative + collaborative partnerships. I like bringing ideas to life and making strong content look good.

I also do a fair amount of corporate work. Mostly centered around training, communication, and/or associated logistics. I tend toward long-term contracts, and am currently doing Communications for a fairly large scale IT Infrastructure program. And picking up a few interesting side projects as time allows.

The common thread: I partner with people who have something to deliver, and help them get it out there. It’s deeply gratifying to know that there are all sorts of people out in the world, mostly folks I’ll never meet, and their lives are a little bit better because of the work we’ve done.

creative + collaborative
(It’s a lot of fun.)