Creative + Collaborative

Welcome. Glad you’re here.

My specialty is collaborative editing and design, working side-by-side (or online/on the phone) with clients to fine-tune their content so it clearly conveys what they are trying to say. I’ve worked with a lot of professional service providers – doctors, therapists, trainers, and consultants. There are also a few artists and small business owners in the mix.

I’ve been working in the communication arts in one form or another my entire life. I love good design, a beautiful turn of phrase, and the delicious interface of form and function. I’m my best self in creative + collaborative partnerships. I like bringing ideas to life and making strong content look good.

There’s also been a fair amount of corporate work over the years, mostly centered around training, communication, and coordination on large IT projects. I wrapped a long-time gig earlier this year, and am enjoying time to think – and my new companion… a 90 lb puppy, Frank. So I find myself taking lots of long walks and contemplate what next. Which means I’m all ears about new opportunities.

In my perfect world…

I really enjoy partnering with people who have something substantial to deliver. Something I can feel good about, and help bring forward. I’m here to make the world better, and I know that happens when I work in alignment with kindred spirits. If you think that might be you, and you’ve got an idea – project – dream you want to talk about, I’m into listening.

creative + collaborative
(It’s a lot of fun.)